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179: Experiential Intelligence with Soren Kaplan
178: Leadership Essentials
177: Psychological Safety in Today’s Workplace with Dr. Amy Edmondson (Part 2)
176. Eliminate the Nonessentials (Replay)
175: Psychological Safety in Today’s Workplace with Dr. Amy Edmondson (Part 1)
174: Transforming Mental Clutter into Clarity
173: Protecting Your Peak Attention Windows with Dr. Gloria Mark (Part 2)
172: The Most Important Question in Any Language
171: Protecting Your Peak Attention Windows with Dr. Gloria Mark
170: Reduce Your Stress in Two Minutes a Day
169: How to Fall in Love with the Problem, Not the Solution with Uri Levine (Part 2)
168: Designing a Day that Really Matters

Ratings & Reviews

#178 Leadership Essentials

I read Greg’s books when they came out - and they have coloured my thinking about productivity ever since. The podcast brings a mix of new thought and revisits to the original principles of Essentialism. A must listen every week.

stulen / 2023-03-15

Amazing podcast

All the content in this podcast is amazing.

Alumnamaer / 2023-03-14

Challenge accepted

Just listened to the episode 174. challenge accepted to join with you the free Wirtin h to declutter. Thanks for the idea.

bellini2000 / 2023-02-28

Every episode has a nugget of gold

I have been subscribed and listening to Greg’s podcasts since he first started them. Many I have saved and gone back and listened a second or third time. I have also shared them with my husband, friends and colleagues. The way that Greg explains information and detail concepts so that you can put them into practice - is a very rare skill! Thanks Greg for making my runs, car rides and walks so meaningful! Please keep your life changing podcasts going!

Alicia78RE / 2023-02-24

162. The Quiet Person with the Answer

As the quietest person in most rooms, this episode caught my attention. This was a really thought-provoking episode with several actionable tips towards the end where you talk about approaches leaders can make during meetings to get the quiet people talking. Sending people the information beforehand and allowing them time to prepare was a good one, as being put on the spot can be very stressful. I think it can also help to look at the reason why those quiet people stay quiet. It’s not only that we’re intimidated by the louder voices or feel like we can’t get a word in because the conversation is being dominated by other people. Even when we do get a chance to speak, we still sometimes keep our thoughts to ourselves. I have been in meetings before where I kept my ideas and insights to myself just because no one else had said anything related to them yet. It felt like they were wrong somehow because no one else had thought of it. The fear of being judged, attacked, or humiliated for presenting a bad idea plays a role. This goes along with some of your other episodes, like the one about being misunderstood. And also the interview you did with Jeremy Utley and how he talked about going through 1000 ideas before coming up with one great one. Maybe it could help to start off a meeting with everyone throwing out ideas with the aim of getting to 1000. And help people remember that ideas are just ideas, and even bad ideas can inspire great ones.

Laurenschoon / 2023-02-20

Great show

I love listening to your podcast. You always strive to give a clear messageUnderstanding from the perspective of the listener, and the person who down the research. Thanks so much for sharing how to get more out of life and an easy way episode 170. It was really nice.

grapehy / 2023-02-15


Phenomenal 2d half of an interview with Uri. Especially the re-teach of fluid and crystalllized intelligence. Keep it going Greg. Thank you really thank you!

21st Century COL / 2023-02-10

Episode 169 - Beautifully stated! : How to Fall in Love with the Solution, Not the Problem

Uri Levine reminds us that as a leader and entrepeneur, our greatest opportunity (and privilege) is to share ‘know how’ (as opposed to ‘knowledge’) and empower *others* to work a juicy problem, arrive at a creative solution, and celebrate a job well done! Leadership is about others - not the individual ego. Well done! I’m a faithful listener and never miss an episode, but this was a favorite.

Cheryl McCormick / 2023-02-10

Episode 161

This whole series is so inspiring, but loved this episode specifically. The quote about market strategy that encourages all to show their customers and observe their reactions. JUST ACT! Then pivot. :) My husband & I are 28 years old & entrepreneurial with our businesses but also in the way we are intentionally designing our lives/ our future! This podcast series is refreshing and I listen to it every week to refocus & feed my brain principles & stories that expand my thinking and set me up for success. Thank you, Greg!!

Sophia Osmond / 2023-02-09

Episode 168

The idea of using a small amount of time (6 minutes) each morning to put all the chaos we have in our mind on paper is absolutely liberating. Always chunks of applicable knowledge I discover in every padcast

Robert Laquerre / 2023-02-08

6min writing!

Such a mindful act to clutter free your mind. And be concious about doing things what is most essnatial in life. I try to discipline write everyday but it always need peace of mind ad enough time to write in morning pages. Sometime it doesn't happen and paper stays blank. I love the idea time it for 6min and get out of mind. Excited to try! Any progress is better then no progress. With shorter length of time it feelsmire doable! Thanks so much for sharing. Every day my driving time w kids is your episode listning. Thanks for being great essnatial reminder of our life!

Asha- The hope! / 2023-02-08

Episode 168

Another gem! Greg discusses an innovative way to help us declutter our mind. Taking a few minutes to slow down, let our mind flow through writing for just a few minutes. Thanks for the reminder to slow down in order to get faster!

Navyvb / 2023-02-08


The insights, views and practical advice conveyed in this podcast and books are simply the best investment you can make with your time to live a more meaningful and essential life.

McG_76 / 2023-02-07

Episode 168: Designing a day that really matters

Greg McKeown’s ideas, books, and podcasts have deeply impacted my life. I have both of his books, ‘Essentialism’ and ‘Effortless’, displayed on my fancy bookshelves in my living room because they are one of my most treasured resources of learning how to live my life so I can make my highest contribution. I use many of the ideas and concepts from these books in my everyday life. I am sure this particular episode was meant for me (thanks Greg and podcast team for showing up for me today) 😃 I’ve been practicing quite rigorously for about 5 years now how to hone in on my true priorities and design my day around them. I’m getting good at this but have felt off this last month, many of my days have felt chaotic. Today I had all the things come up and was struggling fiercely! It was lunchtime and I was still stuck on determining what to focus on. Out of the blue my iphone notification popped up on my home screen that Greg had a new podcast today. Lo and behold it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear in that moment. Not to mention the podcast was only 15 mins. Short. Sweet. And to the point!! Thank you! That’s the perfect quick listen for someone who already feels disoriented and behind for the day. Greg teaches an easy and quick 6 min tool in this episode that works wonders! I used it to alchemize my day.. from chaos to feeling purposeful and in alignment with my priorities. My big ‘aha’ was all the things that I thought were so important weren’t the real story and it only took 6 mins to cut through the illusion, get to my truth, and reorient and center my day. Thank you so much!!

AmazingMomma / 2023-02-07


Loved this discussion. This was a brilliant, clear, precise and simple perspective laying down the foundational and continuing critical essence of the “problem” for a start-up to sole and deliver value and in so doing drive growth. 5 stars.

Stuart Latham / 2023-02-05

Episode 167

This whole series is so inspiring, but loved this episode specifically. The quote about market strategy that encourages all to show their customers and observe their reactions. JUST ACT! Then pivot. :) My husband & I are 28 years old & entrepreneurial with our businesses but also in the way we are intentionally designing our lives/ our future! This podcast series is refreshing and I listen to it every week to refocus & feed my brain principles & stories that expand my thinking and set me up for success. Thank you, Greg!!

Sophia Osmond / 2023-02-03

Episode 166

Epic episode that references David Marquet author of “Turn the ship around” and highlights the importance of language in leadership.

MCHammet / 2023-01-31

Episode 151

I saved this episode to listen to again and again. I shared with my family. I learn so much from this podcast and Mr. McKeown’s personal story. The thought change from hard things happening for me instead of to me takes so much burden off of life. Helps me be curious and look at what I can learn and grow from my experiences.

jhall24678 / 2023-01-24

Helps Refine What’s Important, Wish There Was an Ad Free Version

Greg McKeown has an uncanny ability to ask questions that help you refine what is important. I do feel like a lot of people would be willing to pay for an ad-free version, to eliminate the nonessential. There seem to be a lot of ads, at least on some episodes.

jmvideos / 2023-01-23

Ep 163- what will get you there

It was great to hear about how skills that got you to where you are in your mid 30’s to 40’s often won’t get you beyond that. It’s said that what got you here won’t get you there but these guys articulated it better than I’ve ever heard, which gives me way better food for thought.

vladsbff / 2023-01-19

#151 A radical idea

Greg’s opening story is one that is hard to forget and is one that most people can identify with. The pain of a sick child where there seems to be little hope of a successful diagnosis or treatment. The fact that Greg and Anna could find a way to practise what he calls radical gratitude is powerful and challenges all of us that we should be able to do this too. I want to be the person that can change a negative into a positive. I have listened to this episode several times and each time I get something new out of it. Writing this review is a way for me to remember to start that sentence: I am grateful for X because… rather than complaining or despairing. Thank you Greg for your wisdom!

Nan Brad / 2023-01-04

Great insight as always!

Thanks for the insights you continue to bring. I love your polls on LinkedIn as well. I’m a Robert Greene fan so episode 157 was a double joy, and something I will practice and be more mindful of from now on. I’ll show up, and watch the people I interact with, (really) show up too :). Thanks again!

Ola-B. / 2022-12-23

So many lightbulb moments

Greg has a way of making me look at things in a different way, that results in a rethinking of how I’ve always done things. The perfect show at the perfect time in my life.

ras68 / 2022-12-23

157 what a fascinating topic

A great lead in story and fascinating follow up to a foundational psychology approach. Thanks for making this so easy to approach.

ZMAB15.1 / 2022-12-20

So relevant in today’s business scene

Every episode gives ideas for improvement in life, work and family.

becconcoby / 2022-12-13

@the ❤️ of Issues

Greg has the ability to find the details at the heart of issues and tough problems and literally have a conversation with me. They’re nearly all magical podcasts but especially the ones crushing your former ideas on how to be great!

21st Century COL / 2022-12-09

Great morning listen

Useful concepts easy to apply in everyday life.

EarningsBarrage / 2022-12-07

Practical applications

I look forward to hearing from Greg and his guests. I particularly liked the episode on using one key phrase for psychological safety. Each show has something you can take away and apply in your day. I thoroughly recommend this podcas- especially when you’re on a pathway to seeking an essential and effortless life. Thanks Greg and guests.

TheNZlife / 2022-12-01

He really, really cares. Therefore he listens and builds us!

Rare in our life do we have a friend or relative do curious about us that they seemingly devote their life to getting the best out of us. It feels like that when you listen to this or any episode of Greg’s He cares so much, he listens. It’s probably he quest to get the most out of his own life that creates all this curiosity. I’ll take it. I want it too. Don’t we all?

Ken Silvestri / 2022-12-01

Manageable chunks of brain stretches

I love Greg Mckeown’s book, Essentialism, because it introduced to me a different way of seeing and being in life. This podcast does the same - shows me alternative approaches to difficult times. It feels like a hearty conversation with a wise friend.

Emfull83 / 2022-11-28

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