1 Big Idea to Think About

  • One of the biggest obstacles to achieving our most important goals is a lack of clarity.

2 Ways You Can Apply This

  • Brainstorm and write down the most important goals you want to accomplish over the next five years.
  • Choose one goal and write one sentence that describes what accomplishing this goal looks like.

3 Questions to Ask

  • Where do I want to be in five years?
  • What does accomplishing this goal look like?
  • What is the next step I need to take to accomplish this goal?

Key Moments from the Show 

  • Where do you want to be five years from now? (1:53)
  • A formative moment in Matthew McConaughey’s life (4:50)
  • Finding your values in their violation (14:32)
  • What’s essential in Matthew’s life right now (23:30)
  • Exploring who you were meant to be (26:20)
  • What success looks like for Matthew (32:58)
  • A “Greenlights” movement (37:20)
  • Thinking deeply about our goals and how to execute them (45:05)
  • Building connections and meeting in the middle (49:02)
  • Accomplishments can be the beginning of our next adventure (53:18)

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