1 Big Idea to Think About

  • The best form of motivation is making progress in meaningful work.

2 Ways You Can Apply This

  • Check in with someone you lead or influence and ask them what’s making it hard for them to make meaningful progress today. 
  • Schedule a daily meeting with yourself and answer this question: “What would I need to accomplish today to feel I had made meaningful progress?”

3 Questions to Ask

  • Do I check up, check out, or check in with those I lead?
  • What do I need to accomplish today to feel I have made meaningful progress?
  • What’s making it hard for me to make meaningful progress today?

Key Moments From the Show 

  • The DNA of human motivation (3:33)
  • The power of small wins (6:54)
  • How to motivate others by “checking in” (10:45)
  • How to motivate yourself by scheduling a meeting with yourself (11:16)

Links and Resources You’ll Love from the Episode

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