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Time Article “Top Mistakes Really Smart People Make Without Realizing”

Greg was featured in the article titled “Top Mistakes Really Smart People Make Without Realizing”. On the first mistake mentioned, “The No. 1 Career Mistake Capable People Make” you can see Greg featured as an author. Read the full article [...]

Google Hangout on “Thrive” with Arianna Huffington

On Tuesday, March 17, Greg spoke to Arianna Huffington about her bestselling book, Thrive, during a live Google Hangout on Air. A big thanks to all those that participated in this exclusive event to have the opportunity to ask Arianna your Thrive [...]

TheGuardian article “Beware the gravitational pull of mediocrity”

Greg was featured in TheGuardian article by Oliver Burkeman titled “Beware the gravitational pull of mediocrity”. You can read the full post by going here: Quoted article below: In the early years of the last century, Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gassetproposed [...]

“This is Your Life” Podcast

Greg was a guest on the Podcast “This is Your Life” with Michael Hyatt hosted by Michele Cushatt. You can listen to them on Episode 12 during Season 3. The podcast discusses different topics related to personal development, productivity, leadership, or [...]

Dallas Morning News Article

Article by Cheryl Hall on the Dallas Morning News titled “To get the most out of life, do less, author urges” featuring Greg McKeown. You can read the full article by going here: A few years ago, Greg McKeown decided [...]

HuffPost Live from Davos

Greg McKeown, told HuffPost Live his book grew out of working with people who are really successful. “Success can become a catalyst for failure,” he said at Davos on Saturday. McKeown said he’s met leaders at Davos who have experience with plateauing [...]

MoneyTalking (WNYC Radio)

(Greg comes in at about 03:48) Greg was a guest on the MoneyTalking WNYC Radio show on Thursday January 22nd 2015 Episode #145. The topic is title “If you’re too busy to be bored, find time”. Here’s the article details [...]

Entrepreneur Article “The Difference Between Successful and Very Successful People”

Greg’s originally published post on LinkedIn was featured in Entrepreneur Article titled “The Difference Between Successful and Very Successful People”. You can read the full article by going here: You can read the quoted article below: I recently met with [...]

Michael Hyatt Interview – Why Doing Less Is the Best Way to Do More S1E07

In this seventh episode, Michael Hyatt and his co-host Michele Cushatt talk about Greg McKeown’s recent book, Essentialism and why doing less is the best way to do more. Watch the video interview below:  

Essentialism Wins 800-CEO-READ Business Book Award for Personal Development

Greg McKeown’s Book “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” has won the 800-CEO-READ Business Book Award for Personal Development.