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Good ideas to use with kids

Thanks for this episode! Really good ideas and definitely will use verbal-judo in my day-to-day life.

MadisKre / 2022-05-18

Feeling better equipped to relate compassionately thanks to Greg’s podcast!

I love the new podcast focus! Managing relationships - especially when people say hurtful or difficult things that are hard to hear - be so stressful. I LOVED learning about the concept of verbal judo and will apply the lessons into my own life. Finding ways to better relate to those we love from a compassionate standpoint is what Greg does best and this podcast does not disappoint!

Kika JMT / 2022-05-18

What’s Essential: What happens next matters most

Thank you so much for the message! Look forward to future podcasts and wishing you all the best in this your new adventure in Cambridge. I just turned 65 and recently retired, trying to find what to do with all those spare hours in my daily life! There is so much I would like to do, so many dreams to fulfill! In gratitude, Patricia

Agnosticis / 2022-05-18

Keep it up!

Love this podcast and it’s centering nature. I love all the guests and how they all incorporate different aspects of essentialism. One of my favorite was from a while ago but it was Jay Shetty’s how to think like a Monk episode. I learned so much and really enjoyed his book as well! Keep up the good work Greg! Love you

Cmribold / 2022-05-18

Simple concepts with great results

My daughter is in a tough work situation where the inclusion part of DE&I is missing, leaving her left out and frustrated. I immediately sent her the Verbal Judo episode. I am hoping she can put those ideas in to practical use immediately. Thanks for the ideas. Love the podcasts, I actually listen multiple times and take notes.

UrbanGirlz / 2022-05-18

Great Podcast!

I just listened to the “Responding Instead of Reacting” episode and I recommend it to everyone who would like to get better at conflict resolution. I love the example at the beginning of the episode how the policeman diffuses a tense situation.

Joey Zenga Poker / 2022-05-18

Healful Insight on How to Handle Conflict: S2E3

This episode completely changed my mindset on how to handle conflict. I especially related to the analogy of "not letting the spear hit you in the head, but instead moving your head". This is a brilliant way of visualizing how to "brush off" negative comments and just focus on your end goal or purpose. I have loved all of the episodes of the "new" podcast and cant wait for more!

AC173 / 2022-05-17

RE: S2E3 Responding Instead Of Reacting

As someone who strives to reduce and minimize conflict as much as possible, I throughly enjoyed this episode. The idea of verbal judo, of diversion instead of confrontation or simply ignoring the situation altogether is a great one and the episode shares some stories from an occupation that can find it hard to shy away from confrontation or conflict: Policemen. Thanks for the lesson, and looking forward to more episodes in the new format. -Kevin W.

kevinwcs / 2022-05-17

Creating routines!

Todays podcast about creating routines was so helpful to me. To hear how Michael Phillips had the same routine (including what he thought about before bed and upon waking) was a great example I will be able to remember. Loved the ending suggestion to check your calendar more than your email. Thanks!

Debbie H65 / 2022-05-17

Excellent information and perspective

I recently discovered this podcast and have learned something beneficial from each episode that I can apply in my life. Thank you!

JamesSharpSA / 2022-05-17

Huge takeaway every time!

I’m a fan from reading Essentialism but recently started listening to the podcast. In this relaunch episode 1 was such a great insight in approaching conflict. And then episode 2 oh my goodness, if you’re in business there’s a lot that rings a bell but this new slight shift of simply asking where am I wrong is revolutionary. My brain is spinning in all the best ways! Thank you!

jules716 / 2022-05-14

By Small And Simple Means S 1: Ep. 101

Essentialism and Effortless have changed my mindset, my thought process, and ultimately how I approach life. Listening to the podcast helps me internally realign with essentialism principles and share them with those I love. The episodes with Greg and Anna are my absolute favorites and speak to my soul in a long-lasting way. This is the #1 podcast I look forward to! Bravo for making an intuitive choice in courage and faith as you move to season 2! Your genuineness shows an inner strength and is simply contagious!

22TCF22 / 2022-05-12

Thank you!

Greg, I just want to say thank you for the bold step you recently made in the shifting of your show to the Greg McKeown podcast. I really like the What’s Essential podcast, but I LOVE your new podcast. The first episode was FIRE. You can tell there is a renewed passion and inspiration behind it. Your story abs takeaway were so helpful to me. Thank you for following your gut abs for inspiring us to take bold steps! / 2022-05-12

A better solution

Congratulations Greg on the first in your rebranded podcast. Great insights shared through storytelling and I will definitely take up the challenge to teach this concept in the next few days. Liz VV

katsem64 / 2022-05-11

Threading in to the day to empower listeners

I am so delighted and truly awe struck with the direction of the podcast. The hosts personal life is investing in a new direction- as many of us are after they last few years and paths that have opened. The new focus on bridging communication by truly listening to what people want in life, business, etc. is a mission to empower listeners with actionable steps from stories that show great impact. I’m excited to continue on this journey with Greg’s work, focus, and family- and thankful he will be learning along the way. It’s an investment in his work and life but also one that will flow into every listener.

kirasmusingsandlearnings / 2022-05-11

Great start!

I loved your last podcast Greg and really enjoyed Ep 1 of your new show. In particular, the focus on purpose over position. The stories you shared to highlight that were very good. I look forward to more.

603Stark / 2022-05-11

S2E1- Loving the new approach!

This could not have come at a better time- getting ready to negotiate on Monday (and I live with teenagers, so let's be real . . .I negotiate all the time. Will keep purpose in mind over position at all times! Thanks, Greg!

BigPT / 2022-05-11

Purpose over Positions

Greg, Thanks for reiterating there is a 3rd way, a better way of resolving conflict. We often get so tied to our positions and we are emotionally charged in these situations that we lose sight of what really matters. Thanks also for the recommendation for getting to why. I am a huge fan of your books to find clarity, and aligning what I value with how I structure my life to focus on what really matters. Your books along with Clayton Christensens how will you measure your life have really let me put emphasis on what is truly important, and allocating resources accordingly. Thanks for all you do, Phil Pacete

Phil Pa / 2022-05-11

Great tips and great examples

Purpose instead of position — Greg’s explanation of this is great. Having read Getting to Yes and getting certifications in conflict mediation, his message resonated highly. Basically, what is the goal? The need filled by the position you are holding? When you broaden to that, you may find common ground — or at least understanding if you can stay open-minded — and this can build a bridge and leave space to create a “third way.” In other words, you can find a solution that meets the needs of both parties. This isn’t the same as compromise where everyone gives something up to get to a deal. It’s a win-win where you innovate beyond your initial desires. This builds relationships and gets everyone what they NEED rather than what they thought they wanted to fill that need. Find common ground, the ground underneath the circumstance.

1240198020 / 2022-05-11

Great Content

Highly recommend! Looking forward to listening in on this next chapter.

EmmaLeeSkis / 2022-05-10

The perfect podcast to continue with essentialism

I read and then re-read twice Essentialism. Then found his previous podcast and now the Greg McKeown Show! And I’m so glad I did. Greg speaks to various themes and makes them relatable and has wonderful interviews with many thought-leaders and related subjects that help me incorporate them into my daily life. This first episode on purpose vs position breaks down a very common impasse that many find themselves in at work or at home. If you’re looking for some clarity on direction and finding a path to find your purpose, listen to this podcast! (Plus, Greg has a fantastic British accent that you’ll surely enjoy!)

gdpasteur / 2022-05-10

Season 2 ep. 1

As Greg starts out a new journey into a doctorate, he’s begun a new series of what’s truly essential… human connection and communication.

Macdaddy969 / 2022-05-10

Must Listen!

There is one podcast that is an absolute must listen for me each week…that is listening to Greg. So many nuggets of wisdom that have added more meaning to my life. Thank you for all you do, Greg!

BreatheToSoul / 2022-05-10

Season 2

S2:E1 I’m totally here for this. Simple, thoughtful, and provoking. I’m excited to delve into purpose and this new direction.

TamiJRose / 2022-05-10

Congratulations Greg!

Just listened to your 100th episode: glad to hear you are making a change! You are surely arriving at a kind of Taoist practice? Thank you for your thoughtful, calm podcast. You have made me question so much, helped me discard so much, empowered me to say no.

Alby Schultz / 2022-05-10

New Listener And I Have a Lot to Listen To!

I had a friend send me episode 100 and it was a real benefit to my life and some challenges that I’ve been going through. I’ve started listening back and have found a lot of good insights and helpful thoughts and I’m excited to have more to listen in catching up.

foryeezy / 2022-05-09

Episode 101

When I had listened to your words last episode say that it would be your second to last podcast I was immediately met with sadness only to be lifted back up when you mentioned just moments later that it was more of a change of direction. Your podcast is ESSENTIAL in my life and has been deeply impactful. Looking forward to “What’s Next.” Bless you and your family for the work you bring to my airwaves.

PTPers / 2022-05-09

Thanks, Greg!

Excellent for deep thinkers and those who wish for personal growth!

EhtNosaj / 2022-05-08

Just discovered at exactly the right time.

I have only just listened to episodes 100 and 101 as I literally just discovered this podcast. They both had amazing nuggets in them. Sentences and sentiments that last for days in your head. I'm so looking forward to following Greg and Anna on their next chapter. I've just embarked on a new course in life, it's terrifying as Greg notes but that pain is an essential need to the next growth or learning.

Anna@LAC / 2022-05-08

Listen to the Listener!

Love this show! I love listening to Greg and his insights. He’s the best active listener I know and it shows when he interviews guests.

anna seeks answers / 2022-05-07

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