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Twyla Tharp - The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life

V-Spain / 2024-06-09

Re-focus, re-prioritise and be essential. A life changing podcast and way of life.

I have read essentialism just before my 1st child was born. It shifted my whole outlook and helped me prioritise what was important and what was essential. I am 16 months on, in a new role in public health care, and I find myself ready to re-read essentialism and start effortless so I can re focus, re-prioritise and be essential. Gregs Wednesday emails, podcasts and books simply make you reflect and think, what if I shifted focus or made a change. I listened to episode 301. My 1st new routine is going to be no social media for the first hour of my day. Let’s see how I go! Greg your work is life changing.

Em Sydney / 2024-06-01

Great reminder on Routines!

Really enjoyed todays episode on routines. A great reminder on something simple to do- revamping one routine at time - that can pay such big dividends. Thanks!

skcab5dn / 2024-05-23

A great solution to decision fatigue

Episode 301 - The genius of routine, was just what I needed to hear tonight. Zoom-eat-sleep-repeat really resonated. I am starting tonight with an ‘end of the day’ routine, after working until 10.30pm last night to finish something. I know my personal and professional life will benefit from less work. Thank you Greg, for your wisdom and service to the world. One decision is going to free me from the burden and guilt of how long to continue working every day.

Twilight007 / 2024-05-23


Lately I’ve been on a Greg McKeown deep-dive, and I’m finding this podcast to be so relevant to the problems I’ve been facing in my personal life! I like that he doesn’t take what his guests say at face-value and actually asks them questions to think more deeply about their own views. I also love that he challenges listeners in some of the episodes to take action based on what they have just heard. So grateful to have this semi-weekly podcast to help move me in the right direction!

impressedcustomer / 2024-05-16

Episode 280 The Power of Systems

Episode 280 with Rob Dyrdek on the power of systems was one of the best podcast episodes I have heard! Really liked the part discussing that everyone already has a complex system, so designing one makes things easier.

JLovvorn7 / 2024-03-15

Routines …this was so good

As newer parents, have a 4 year old and 3 month old, my wife and I fight for routines. We are often made fun of because how much we push for them. This was encouraging for me to listen to someone else tell me how they pay off. How valuable routines are. Also, the 85% rule helped me during my marathon run this past Saturday! It works!

Dwalke16 / 2024-03-07

Deriving clarity from chaos and confusion

I’ve been going in circles for years now it seems. The same things that brought me happiness and gave me energy in the past don’t anymore and this podcast is helping me understand why and what I’m missing.

Hoolio12 / 2024-02-18

Life changing

Im taking the time to write my 1st review of a podcast ever. Thought the episode with Mo Gawdat was life changing!! I asked my husband to listen to this for me for Valentine’s Day and he did!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Iamom / 2024-02-17

Makes You Think About Life

This podcast really makes you think about everything in your life. His ideas and guests bring new perspectives each episode, and have provided a lot of value to me. I’ve also purchased both of Greg McKeown’s audiobooks (Essentialism and Effortless), and have listened to both multiple times. He clearly cares about the thoughts he’s putting out into the world and I highly recommend.

kitkat991166 / 2024-02-14

Joyful listening

Greg’s approach is humble and meaningful. Life is more enriching for having content like this available to us. I take a walk and listen in, and my thoughts and intentions become more clear and profound. This podcast is a blessing. Thank you.

Weaver_99 / 2024-02-11

Love this show

I’ve been listening and following Greg for a few years now. Love his 2 books and his podcast all so uplifting and inspiring. Thanks for all of it Greg.

maryemart / 2024-02-07

I feel so motivated!

I recently discovered this Podcast and have loved all of the episodes I’ve listened to so far. Very thought-provoking and motivating.

Runningmum24 / 2024-02-06

High quality Podcast! Episode 266

Greg MacKeown always bringing relevant content about essentialism. The Podcast has several episodes and the audio is of great quality, allowing us to delve deeper into the content being shared! Rewatching the Greg MacKeown Podcast!

Icaro Guerra / 2024-02-06

Valuable insights on essentialism, leadership, and personal development

The Greg McKeown Podcast offers valuable insights on essentialism, leadership, and personal development. Greg's thoughtful and engaging discussions with various guests provide practical advice and strategies for living a more meaningful and purposeful life. The podcast is well-produced and easy to listen to, making it a great resource for anyone looking to streamline their priorities and make a positive impact. Whether you're a fan of Greg's work or new to the concept of essentialism, this podcast is definitely worth a listen.

YeahWay / 2024-01-25

simply excellent


luminous shelter / 2024-01-17

Essential Content

I have been reading and listening to Greg McKeown for years now. I’m still a work in progress but I appreciate the shift in mindset as I try to be and do the most essential things. It’s like decluttering my mind, schedule, and life.

KCJonesy1 / 2023-12-26

Episode 250

Really interesting, love it, thanks for interviewing Dr.Shah and asking essential questions :) why write big bets ? How to make change on big scale ?

SyedWahabAli / 2023-12-01

A must-listen!

This podcast is an absolute gem! Every episode is a treasure trove of insightful content and actionable ideas. No matter the topic, you're bound to take away something valuable from each episode. I can't recommend The Greg McKeown Podcast highly enough!

mvelasco07 / 2023-11-27

Ep. #239: Relentless of Elimination of Noise

This solo podcast is part of a series about the relentless elimination of noise. Have you ever had a time when an inner voice told you, quite clearly, what to do? Did you listen? These are the big questions underlying this episode. Greg offers some practical ways to get back in touch with the inner voice. Definitely worth a listen. The Greg McKeown podcast is one of my favourites. It’s short, clear, practical, and thoughtful. The guests are well-chosen and like Greg they typically have a message worth hearing.

jillbrowne / 2023-11-14

Life changing!

Since reading essentialism, my life has changed! Though the way of the essentialist is sometimes difficult to keep in focus, I always gravitate to the podcast to help me get back on track! Thank you Greg!

adamsmithstudios / 2023-11-14

Pause before reacting

“There’s a space between agreeing and not agreeing and that’s understanding” is a great reminder. I would offer this: understanding is not the same as applying the heuristics we always apply. I am trying to notice when it’s a good time to question a thought pattern. Do I truly understand or am I just doing what I always do, without any reflection? This episode brings important points forward. Thanks for this podcast. Every episode is worth listening to. I often re-listen.

My Inner Life Revealed / 2023-11-14

This podcast is essential

The Best of What Others Know was fascinating in talking about the expansion reading will do for you. I have always known the world would be a more empathetic place if people read but listening to Greg referencing leverage and reading was something I hadn’t considered. Great listen.

these guys r my heros!! / 2023-10-31

The Greg McKeown Podcast

I’ve listened to two episodes so far and I was impressed by Greg’s ability to interrogate issues deeply to get to the essence. I’m looking forward to listening regularly. Thank you Greg.

Sophie*225 / 2023-10-26

Short, insightful and powerful

There isn’t a single episode that hasn’t brought value to my life.

Kailan_1991 / 2023-10-25

Truly essential for anyone looking to level up

Such sound principles and in a concise format. Thanks Greg! Inspiring me to work ON my life not just IN my life. Intentionally creating the world we want to live in.

reformingnightowl / 2023-10-24

Great mindset and motivation

Whenever I feel I need a bit of encouragement or pick me up, I love listening to this podcast to energize myself again! His academy sounds super interesting too!

Edohwin / 2023-10-24

Less is More

Greg does a great job helping you understand we are not our best because we focus on too many options instead of the vital few. Less is more and your life is more focused and less stressful.

Busbee / 2023-10-18

Done is better than perfection

Greg has been great author / mentor to me, upon discovering his book at an airport “essentialism” I immediately bought this to not spend time on air plane entertainment screen - the next thing I knew was that I am trying to ask some simple and powerful things to me every single day “what is the most important thing today? “ What done looks like? And many more such fundamental Qs which are helping me to be more productive and happy! Thank you Greg!

nikunj00789 / 2023-09-05

What would you do with an extra day?

Thank you for this episode! As a mother, I am always trying to get my children to weigh the value propositions in how they spend their time. But what the questions from this episode made me realize was that sometimes I am the antagonist to them getting their responsibilities done! From today I will be more mindful in collaborating with them and working together better as mutual trusted advisors. Thank you for the insights!

Inspired at home / 2023-08-23

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