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234. 10 Years of Creativity, Inc. with Ed Catmull (Part 2)
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232. 10 Years of Creativity, Inc. with Ed Catmull (Part 1)
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230. Entering the World of Another with Nate Walkingshaw (Part 2)
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225. The 1-2-3 Method
224. The Finitude of Life with Oliver Burkeman (Part 1)
223. What Would You Do With an Extra Day Each Week? (Replay)

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Done is better than perfection

Greg has been great author / mentor to me, upon discovering his book at an airport “essentialism” I immediately bought this to not spend time on air plane entertainment screen - the next thing I knew was that I am trying to ask some simple and powerful things to me every single day “what is the most important thing today? “ What done looks like? And many more such fundamental Qs which are helping me to be more productive and happy! Thank you Greg!

nikunj00789 / 2023-09-05

What would you do with an extra day?

Thank you for this episode! As a mother, I am always trying to get my children to weigh the value propositions in how they spend their time. But what the questions from this episode made me realize was that sometimes I am the antagonist to them getting their responsibilities done! From today I will be more mindful in collaborating with them and working together better as mutual trusted advisors. Thank you for the insights!

Inspired at home / 2023-08-23

223 - 100% productivity in 80% of the time

As we hear more and more about four day workweeks, Greg’s discussion here is about the kind of conversations we need to have with others and ourselves to really enable that kind of leap in productivity.

Rdvrks / 2023-08-22

216 A shared strength of three Microsoft CEOs with Brad Smith

I found the discussion about tech as a tool very interesting. It is a fine line between experiencing and navigating this ever changing medium as a betterment to myself or a hinderance. The brief discussion about AI as a large language model helped me to better understand the complex new technology that is rapidly changing our world.

Ffytgvczd / 2023-07-27

Curiosity and asking the right questions…

There are few podcasts and fewer teachers who routinely induce me to take action that improves my thinking, my perspective and my habits. Curiosity, essential questions to ask, non-essentials to fire, less but better. Each principle impacts me daily and helps me prioritize where I invest my energy. Thank you Greg and team!

Pextonian / 2023-07-12

Another great show

Just darn good content, like his book Essentialism. I always enjoy listening to Greg

Chigagoguy / 2023-07-12

Bite-size wisdom I use every day

Really impressed with the nuggets of wisdom and bite-size actions Mr. McEwan offers in these podcasts and email. I am often referencing them in my personal and professional relationships. Thank you for the Content! -Michael

Michaelstl / 2023-07-12


This podcast helps me to make positive changes in my life.

Sequoia8896 / 2023-07-12

Love Greg McKeown’s insights

I learn something valuable and meaningful from every podcast. The topics are relevant, interesting, and so timely to my life. I enjoy Greg’s insights, research, warmth, and genuine interest in providing valuable information to help me apply Essentialism. Thanks, Greg and team - keep up the terrific work!

STK21 / 2023-07-11


I have been listening to Greg McKeown for a few months now, and the ideas he puts forth are practical and applicable solutions for anyone who has a busy life. I very much appreciate the podcasts as they give you one simple idea to try out in your life for the week. I just finished the episode on transitions. The idea of having a buffer of 50% whenever you’re doing an activity or transitioning from one activity to the next is brilliant and I’m definitely going to try that out this week. I must admit I am an “everythingist” who is trying to develop better habits and lighten my life. This podcast helps for sure!

jacqmill / 2023-07-11

Fantastic Content

Greg is engaging to listen to. He sprinkles in stories to illuminate the topic, which makes it easy to pay attention. As someone with ADHD, I’m easily able to glean information from this podcast. It’s incredibly helpful. Highly recommend!

Cmgfrench / 2023-07-04

The best Podcast ever

I just start listening 1 episode, and now I enjoy and put in practice all the ideas.

Goodboy! :D / 2023-06-28

Episode 207 hits close to home for me

With what’s going on in my home country Ukraine, this is a breath of fresh air to hear that there is a way to solve long lasting conflicts and communication problems. Now you just need to make it way up to the government leaders..?

AnyaP / 2023-06-27

Excellence as Always

Killer… needed this part 2. Keep up the great work!

21st Century COL / 2023-06-22

Episode 201 hit hard

I’ve been reading and listening to Greg for years but today’s episode struck a very strong chord with me. Curiosity. Such an important attribute and one I’ve noticed has been lacking from my workplace. Thank you Greg for the insight and for making the case for curiosity.

ModelRocket / 2023-06-06

Innovation-Understanding Need state

I learnt today is understanding hidden desire of customers or their need state is important before innovating new idea or product. Not to attach with solution or answer but find the right problem or need of the market.

Asha- The hope! / 2023-06-03

#188 too many meetings, need more focus

I have appreciated Greg McKeown’s books and now have found the podcasts. Each episode has more than enough to help me get curious and share the ideas and thoughts to grow and adapt. What’s the point of the gathering/meeting? Why do we ask people to meet and what are we focusing upon? Do we need to meet? It is great to strip back to what matters most and who needs to know and be involved. Pausing before meeting has helped save so much time. Somethings the relationship necessitates meeting but knowing that helps to laser focus on the relationship rather than the time wasted in non-essential meeting. Thanks for the reminder and the push to change.

Ellen L-D / 2023-06-01

The Shape of Life

I’ve been listening to Greg and reading his books for several years. The “Shape of Life” Part 1 and Part 2 episodes stitched together so many themes from Greg’s own work in fresh, new and meaningful ways for me with Bruce Feiler’s work (which I had never heard of before but now I’m going to check out). The variety and quality of Greg’s guests keep me coming back.

PapaGoose2012 / 2023-05-11

EVERYONE should listen!

Greg, you have certainly shifted my mindset and in addition to your books, Essentialism and Effortless, I constantly am learning knew perspectives on the podcast. I am routinely sending these episodes to my team and it has helped us all grow together and we are one of the highest functioning teams in our department. Thank you for elevating my time management, contribution and quality of life. Highly recommended to everyone who has a growth mindset, no matter who you are.

sbamford / 2023-05-09

Make Meetings Effortless

I thought Greg provided some great foundational info on improving meetings. I love his enthusiasm when he does his own shows (without a guest). I’m looking forward to the new series.

Kathleen@Kairos / 2023-04-18

Excellence in Podcasting

I’ve enjoyed this podcast for more than a year and I always learn something new with each episode that makes me reach to another level of ability. I especially appreciate the recent episodes on neurodivergence. I have a neurodivergent family and I appreciate the awareness about the importance of thought process diversity, but it’s especially important for me to be reminded of the gifts that my family members hold because they are not neurotypical. We have so much to learn from them and the neurodivergent community! Listeners can hear how much you carefully craft each episode. Consistently well done!

Angela Masciulli / 2023-04-13

Thank you

You consistently make me think and help with my building the skills needed to lead myself through life. Keep thinking, searching and sharing. I will keep consuming, asking, implementing and sharing.

miltylion / 2023-04-01

#178 Leadership Essentials

I read Greg’s books when they came out - and they have coloured my thinking about productivity ever since. The podcast brings a mix of new thought and revisits to the original principles of Essentialism. A must listen every week.

stulen / 2023-03-15

Amazing podcast

All the content in this podcast is amazing.

Alumnamaer / 2023-03-14

Challenge accepted

Just listened to the episode 174. challenge accepted to join with you the free Wirtin h to declutter. Thanks for the idea.

bellini2000 / 2023-02-28

Every episode has a nugget of gold

I have been subscribed and listening to Greg’s podcasts since he first started them. Many I have saved and gone back and listened a second or third time. I have also shared them with my husband, friends and colleagues. The way that Greg explains information and detail concepts so that you can put them into practice - is a very rare skill! Thanks Greg for making my runs, car rides and walks so meaningful! Please keep your life changing podcasts going!

Alicia78RE / 2023-02-24

162. The Quiet Person with the Answer

As the quietest person in most rooms, this episode caught my attention. This was a really thought-provoking episode with several actionable tips towards the end where you talk about approaches leaders can make during meetings to get the quiet people talking. Sending people the information beforehand and allowing them time to prepare was a good one, as being put on the spot can be very stressful. I think it can also help to look at the reason why those quiet people stay quiet. It’s not only that we’re intimidated by the louder voices or feel like we can’t get a word in because the conversation is being dominated by other people. Even when we do get a chance to speak, we still sometimes keep our thoughts to ourselves. I have been in meetings before where I kept my ideas and insights to myself just because no one else had said anything related to them yet. It felt like they were wrong somehow because no one else had thought of it. The fear of being judged, attacked, or humiliated for presenting a bad idea plays a role. This goes along with some of your other episodes, like the one about being misunderstood. And also the interview you did with Jeremy Utley and how he talked about going through 1000 ideas before coming up with one great one. Maybe it could help to start off a meeting with everyone throwing out ideas with the aim of getting to 1000. And help people remember that ideas are just ideas, and even bad ideas can inspire great ones.

Laurenschoon / 2023-02-20

Great show

I love listening to your podcast. You always strive to give a clear messageUnderstanding from the perspective of the listener, and the person who down the research. Thanks so much for sharing how to get more out of life and an easy way episode 170. It was really nice.

grapehy / 2023-02-15

Episode 169 - Beautifully stated! : How to Fall in Love with the Solution, Not the Problem

Uri Levine reminds us that as a leader and entrepeneur, our greatest opportunity (and privilege) is to share ‘know how’ (as opposed to ‘knowledge’) and empower *others* to work a juicy problem, arrive at a creative solution, and celebrate a job well done! Leadership is about others - not the individual ego. Well done! I’m a faithful listener and never miss an episode, but this was a favorite.

Cheryl McCormick / 2023-02-10

Episode 161

This whole series is so inspiring, but loved this episode specifically. The quote about market strategy that encourages all to show their customers and observe their reactions. JUST ACT! Then pivot. :) My husband & I are 28 years old & entrepreneurial with our businesses but also in the way we are intentionally designing our lives/ our future! This podcast series is refreshing and I listen to it every week to refocus & feed my brain principles & stories that expand my thinking and set me up for success. Thank you, Greg!!

Sophia Osmond / 2023-02-09

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