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Serendipitous (S2 Ep 18)

With Greg’s podcasts, more than others, I find that they come at that moment in time that they are needed. And this episode was critical at helping me gather together and crystallise thoughts that had been eluding me around my career and direction. I needed to hear Parker and Greg speak, and I didn’t know until it happened. What I’ve enjoyed about this season especially is the clear actions that can be taken from each episode; they are not just a thought exercise or soapbox. Sharing, teaching, and doing all reinforce the concepts being discussed.

ChappyOz / 2022-08-04

Parker Palmer episode 1

What a refreshing and beautiful conversation! I’ve heard whispers about Parker Palmer and he is always spoken about with a gratitude and reverence I didn’t understand until listening to this episode. To learn how to hold space for ourselves and each other, to truly be seen and heard is such a gift. Can’t wait for part 2!

healthyhuman / 2022-08-02

Consistently insightful

Great, practical techniques to improve one’s life operating system

Kwena86 / 2022-07-24

#1 mindset podcast to wake up to

“What’s Essential” and “The Greg McKeown Podcast” are extremely high value to me. This is the #1 mindset podcast for me that I wake up to and allow to influence me and the rest of my day. His first book and living the essentialist pursuit of less but better, he’s been incredible for me. Thank you Greg and Family!

Singwingz / 2022-07-16

Thoughtful, insightful, and inspiring

This Greg McKeown and his earlier Essentialism podcast are top five favorite listens. I find each episode inspiring.

BabsO22 / 2022-07-11

I love this podcast!

This podcast has helped me so much! I am so grateful to Anna, Greg, and all they’re guests for doing this.

GregsDaBest / 2022-07-10

Most helpful podcast ever

Actually this podcast is just the best. Giving so much insight…. Incredible how just listening can give so many insights & helps me understand things…. THANK YOU!!

Nana_m135 / 2022-07-08

Small wins and positivity tokens.

Loved this episode about positive reinforcement! Greg and Anna eloquently remind us all how important and powerful positive reinforcement is, without veering into the toxic positivity trap. Really enjoyed this episode. Thank you. Update 17.6.22 - per review above, I was meant to receive a copy of Effortless. Have not heard from Greg’s team since 7 March 2022. I have followed up multiple times since then but no response or book, as promised. Very disappointing. As of 7th July 2022, still no response or update from Greg’s team.

lovingflod / 2022-07-07

Inspiring & Actionable!

Always find something inspiring each episode. I like that Greg makes it actionable so I can apply it in my own life. Definitely recommend!

Storyteller77 / 2022-07-01

Action Thoughts

Your profound perspectives and conversations make my eyes tingle and hits a cord inside of me that wants to be better. Truely grateful to have found you and what you bring to my table 💙

Vanessafa / 2022-06-30

Steve Jobs episode

This episode was right to the point! Getting it right is such a solid value compared to being right.

Leeeebeee / 2022-06-29

One of the best!

The Steve Jobs episode on conflict resolution is a game changer in my life. I can not recommend this show enough. I can't even tell you the amount of times I have found myself referring back to things I have learned from Greg and his guests in my every day life. The education, the story telling, the openness to all.

drucollie / 2022-06-29

Life changing - I wish there were no ads

I’ve been following Greg McKeown for quite some time now. I’ve read both Essentialism and Effortless, and they both had a tremendous impact in my life. I love the podcast that I listen to religiously… however, since the new podcast has started it’s almost impossible to listen to it. It has local ads on it and every time I’m in an environment with a WiFi connection, I can listen to it because firewalls block the ads. It’s quite annoying…

ArnoMichelin / 2022-06-28

I really appreciated this episode.

What this show said was so true! When my husband and I lost our daughter I remember thinking in the early minutes of finding out about her death, that I would’t not let her death be a source of destruction in my life. That I would not let her loss destroy my life or my family’s life. Her life was far too beautiful to be used for anything but good. It is so important that we realize that being angry will not give us back our loved one, we cannot play God by trying to make someone pay for what has happened. I came to realize that the only person who was truly to blame was God, He is the only one Who could have prevented what happened. But that I couldn’t be angry with God either because I needed Him far too much in my pain. So I was left giving it to Him and choosing to walk in faith.

A Repke / 2022-06-25

Really moving

Hi Greg, Thanks for the episode 13 (How to eliminate social Tension), as it came out at the right time I need. I really enjoyed what we’ve said and planning to incorporate in my lifestyle to be the change 😄 Once again, thank you ☺️

Kelabolt / 2022-06-23

Words don’t do justice

I can inhale and exhale with peace every time Iisten to your podcast. It’s becoming my ritual. Thank you 🙏

lindyj91 / 2022-06-23


I’m really loving the actionables that Greg is giving in the new podcast series. I can listen and walk away with a concrete activity that I can try.

Amyamybobamy / 2022-06-21

A new light

It’s been amazing to recently discover your work and this podcast Greg, crossing over with some of my favourite authors and content you craft inspiring information and vision in a fluid and efficient way. Definitely a new wave of fresh energy to bring things to the next level. Thanks for putting it together 😊 Stef Bastiàn

Vuytgjkufc / 2022-06-19

Great content

I appreciate the great content! I much liked the episode with Dr Chatterjee. We just cannot talk enough about how important is to live a stress-free and happy life.

Tamas7799 / 2022-06-19

Small wins and positivity tokens.

Loved this episode about positive reinforcement! Greg and Anna eloquently remind us all how important and powerful positive reinforcement is, without veering into the toxic positivity trap. Really enjoyed this episode. Thank you. Update 17.6.22 - per review above, I was meant to receive a copy of Effortless. Have not heard from Greg’s team since 7 March 2022. I have followed up multiple times since then but no response or book, as promised. Very disappointing.

lovingflod / 2022-06-17

Fantastic Immediately Actionable Perspective Shift

I just finished listening to Greg’s interview with Rangan Chatterjee and then sent the episode to my coworkers to listen to as well! Immediately applicable and actionable steps to shift ones inner stress by changing the perspective of how we see others in the situation we are in. If everyone in America was willing to implement such a mindset we could get so much more done and experience so much more joy. A very timely episode given the accumulation of stress reaction that many people have in the world as we emerge from the pandemic.

VIBRANCE Nutrition / 2022-06-17

Reframing happiness with Chatergee

This episode was very timely and helpful. Loved the 3 steps to reframing how you deal with social friction. As you said the worst jail is our own minds.

slarson65 / 2022-06-17

Hands down the best podcast

Every time I listen I come away feeling enlightened and inspired to be better. Thanks for the podcast.

Hatchmadeit / 2022-06-16

My new go-to podcast

I can’t get enough of this podcast. The episode with Rangan Chatterjee provided so many aha moments for me. I love how Greg and Dr. Chatterjee reframe friction and paint a new picture of the former villain/victim dynamic. I find the content of these episodes so valuable. I love the format and I’m learning so much about me, about life, and about how to change for the better. So grateful that Greg makes these for me and us.

CWill37 / 2022-06-16

Make everyone the hero

Thank you for this episode! As a critical care nurse, public health professional, and mother of children with mental health challenges, I absolutely LOVE Dr. Chatterjee’s perspective on how to approach friction. I accept the challenge and promise to share it with others. As always, thanks, Greg, for addressing topics that are so relevant today!

It’s Mama J / 2022-06-16

Noteworthy podcast

Thank you so much for all the amazing content you share in your podcast to better our lives. Reframing how we view situations definitely can change how we feel. The way I have been able to reframe events with my daughter has allowed me to let go of my anger instead of it eating me up. I chose to no longer live a life of anger. My life is so much better for it. We just read the book by Edith Edger and I was delighted to share your podcast with my book group ladies.

...........?.!? / 2022-06-16

Change Your Perspective

Recently, I’ve had a number of people me if I’m unhappy, or ask what’s is wrong. It’s taken me bit by surprise and I’ve been been more self-reflective. I love both of McKeown’s books and I’ll be adding Dr. Rangan’s to my list after listening to his episode. I believe I’ve been choosing to see the friction in my life in a very unhealthy way. This episode has given much to think about the ways I can change that. Thank you!

MWest58 / 2022-06-16

When the student is ready the teacher appears

Todays conversation with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee was just what this student needed to hear. The new podcast direction is guiding me on my own deep work and personal reflection. Keep up the great work. I am excited to be on this journey.

A W M / 2022-06-16

The Importance of Modeling Behavior

I've followed Greg's work for quite a while and have always been amazed at how much what he talks about rings true. There are many other productivity gurus and speakers who have lots of interesting methods and teachings, but the topics Greg talks about are really relatable and applicable to all aspects of life and seem to be rooted in real truths. S2E10 was so cool to have his wife on to talk about handling conflict. As a future father, it was really impactful to hear about how important it is to model the behavior you want your kids to learn. Thank you Greg and Anna for your insights!!

matt183738 / 2022-06-15

First time

This is my first time listening to this podcast and it was life-changing. I have now subscribed and will be tuning in and catching up. Keep up the great work.

Meek2342 / 2022-06-10

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