Have you ever found yourself stretched too thin? Felt busy but not productive? Or like your time is constantly being hijacked by other people’s agendas? Welcome to the Essentialism podcast. Join Greg and his guests – thought leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and people like you – for inspired weekly conversations focused on learning how to put what matters to you first and do less, but better. Subscribe now – because if you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will!


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Ratings & Reviews


Greg McKeown is such a good interviewer. He’s a good listener, good at restating, great questions, so meaningful. Love the podcast. ❤️

Creating Jenny / 2020-07-26

Thought-Provoking and Wonderful

I loved this podcast so much I went out and bought his book then went to Patreon! Greg asks his guests incredibly thought-provoking questions that not only provide you, as the listener, with great knowledge and wisdom, but they as provoke reflection within oneself. My only regret is finding the podcast so early because I want more and now I have to be patient!

Dysdyb / 2020-07-25

Too long. Make it more essential.

I love the book, but this podcast is too long and after 20 minutes the “interviews” lose track and the focus on “what are we talking about?”.

marciocantelli / 2020-07-23

Grow Fast while Doing Less

This podcast is not just inspiring and educational, it also encourages us to on new ways to apply essentialism to the very areas of our lives that matter most.

Angel Lebak / 2020-07-20

Not what I was hoping for... until episode 7

Update 7/17/2020: The essentialist intervention with Emily was the first episode I loved! Finally, essentialism for the everyday person. Thank you for including this episode. I look forward to more like it. Original review: I am a big fan of Essentialism. I read the book again each year to refresh and refocus. But a huge downfall for me with the book... and now the podcast... is how unrelatable it is to everyday life. The book is written for CEOs and big business people... now the podcast is also focused on big, successful, famous business people and the message of essentialism is not standing out to me at all in the episodes. Too bad. I was really looking forward to getting more from the podcast.

Yalnifm / 2020-07-17

Not essentialist

This podcast is too long for an essentialist. I want the meat, spare me the bones.

Andy Duncan / 2020-07-17

Perfect time for this essential message

The book was life-changing. How thrilled I am now to look forward to these reinforcing episodes to remind me about the book's lessons and get ideas for how they can be implemented in my life. The timing is remarkable...I think we are all more receptive than ever to Essentialism's core message as we are forced into the "Great Pause" and reevaluating our priorities. This podcast will be enormously helpful as we rethink what we want our life to be like whenever we emerge from the pandemic's grip. Thank you.

Riverwoodwriter / 2020-07-15

Essential Listening

You need this podcast. It is interesting, insightful and transformative. Greg’s brilliance and warmth come through beautifully.

Paul from MP / 2020-07-08

Love it

This podcast is brilliant. I loved the book and being able to hear straight from Greg is even better. I would love an episode about essentialism and health, as I’ve heard him mention a few interesting practices, like giving up sugar or only drinking water.

essentiallyshai / 2020-07-07

Great app!

Terrific app! Highly recommend

silversaber / 2020-06-30

Conversation with Dr. Easterling Williams

What a triumph! This conversation is a must listen. There are several ideas brought up that are blow away! I’ve been a huge Essentialism fan since Greg’s work was published 6 years ago. Thrilled there’s a Podcast now and did not expect this wonderful episode. Thank you Greg and keep up the good work!

9erSteve / 2020-06-26


There are times in our history where life’s journey needs rational perspective to help along life’s essential journey. Greg McGowan’s Perspectives will help with the obstacles and clutter getting in the way of true effectiveness. Great podcast Greg.

Nappiekid / 2020-06-26


My favorite quote - “When you focus on what you lack, you lose what you have. When you focus on what you have, you lose what you lack.” It’s all about perspective; it’s all about GRATITUDE

backseatdriverpodcast / 2020-06-25

Find your life’s essential mission

I love what Greg teaches in this podcast and his book. Greg and Anna have helped me cut back so I can pursue the most important things in my life with greater focus and energy, which has led to greater progress.

Neilspencer / 2020-06-24

“Prioritize your life or someone else will”

As a singer/songwriter of 15 years I’ve learned the power of simplicity. As a builder and occupant of a tiny house for 7 years, I embraced essentialism long before discovering, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit Of Less. Little did I know I had a lot to learn. Greg’s book has changed my life and his podcast continues to enlighten me.

cruport / 2020-06-23

Great Follow-up to the Book

After reading Essentialism twice I am so glad to have found this Podcast to be reminded of these concepts. I particularly enjoyed the first episode. It was thoughtful and entertaining.

Kirina / 2020-06-23

Over the mooon

Greg….I love this book and in fact it not only became an instant hit with me but my favorite book! I fully subscribe to all the areas and concepts in this book. I subscribe to his newsletter and his book is prominently displayed in my home. I am looking forward to more with the podcast. I’m giving this a 4 ⭐️ not because I think is not all the way good but because I always believe we can be better, so get the book and get ready.

AronJA / 2020-06-18

Love this

Essentialism has help me and the book is fantastic. Great podcast, ready to learn more to do and be better.

c kump / 2020-06-18

Good stuff

Greg’s work is helping me take my life back. I’m learning that Essentialism is a whole new way of going about this crazy life - one that makes life simpler and more beautiful.

JKoyle1 / 2020-06-13

Great stuff

Even better to hear it in your own voice. Thanks Greg.

Enjoyed the book / 2020-05-22

Transformative Book

If the podcast is anything like the book, we are all going to be substantially better for it.

Sean O'Donoghue / 2020-05-21

Going to be Awesome!

What is essential to me is meaning.

J.McKeown / 2020-05-21

Can’t Wait

Loved the book- changes so many aspects of my life in work and personally. So stoked to get a weekly thought from Greg

Me and a sexy wife / 2020-05-20

Counting the days!!!

I had the opportunity to read the book in English, Spanish and German. I’ve learnt what “essential” really means. In Switzerland we are ready to listen to you.

atardecer50 / 2020-05-19

Looking forward to this one

The book really helped me gain some perspective and I can’t wait to listen to the podcast.

dcordova23 / 2020-05-19

Can't Wait!!!

I loved this book, absolutely can't wait for the podcast to launch!!!

ERG1995 / 2020-05-18

So Excited!!!!

I am so excited for this to come out! Loved this book and I am sure it will be a perfect listen for right now!

great game but more life / 2020-05-18

So excited!!!

Can’t wait to hear more!

DogLover2215 / 2020-05-18

Can’t wait for this

So excited about this. Love his work!!

lindseymadd / 2020-05-18

Must Listen

AMAZING!!! Changed my life.

Essential Q / 2020-05-18


I’ve been looking for a podcast like this!!! Can’t wait for the first episode.

kar1794 / 2020-05-18

Make Your Highest Contribution!

Greg’s work has been truly essential for me! He has helped me think differently about what is truly important, identify all of the non-essential things in my life that can easily consume precious time, and come up with a practical way to execute on what is essential. I love his work, and I love his heart behind the work. He wants us each to make our highest contribution to the world and not waste this beautiful life we’ve been given. I can’t wait to go on this podcast journey with Greg!

ccwalters / 2020-05-17


Greg has consistently written and spoken Essentialism. This is a way of life that he himself lives and breaths. I look forward to this podcast and in hearing how he lives what he teaches and how others have been effected by this wonderful way of living!!

Joshuahidj / 2020-05-16

Essentialism Saved Me

Essentialism gave me the language, the tools, and the power I needed to take control of my life. I’ve used it to improve my relationship with my daughter, I’ve used it to get out of debt, and I’ve used it to make a difference in my career. If you’ve ever felt stuck, listen to this podcast.

SpencerJP / 2020-05-16

Can’t wait

This podcast feels like it’s going to be life-changing. “We all have a unique and essential mission in life.” Look forward to hearing more especially now when the things that felt so important months ago seem absolutely irrelevant.

J. Fella / 2020-05-16

This is a Game Changer

Greg McKeown has a remarkable ability to connect with people in such a way that makes them feel cared for. Greg has a passion for helping people to see what truly matters, so that they can live their best lives. He’s changed my life for sure.

BPC Wentzville / 2020-05-16

Essentialism Changed My Life

There is one book that totally shifted my thinking and haunted my soul that there was a better way to do life. A manifesto to trade busy for better. It was Essentialism. I own the book, ebook, and audiobook. I read it every year. This podcast no doubt will do the same. Ready for the essential conversations.

MalachiAOBrien / 2020-05-16

No doubt this is a must-bookmark podcast

Greg McKeown is certainly one of the best thinkers of our time. I literally can not wait for this podcast! Let’s go!!!!

felixjimenez / 2020-05-15

Can’t wait

I’m a huge fan of Essentialism - can’t wait for the podcast!

romilana / 2020-05-15

Essentialism is for everyone

Greg McKeown’s philosophy is necessary for anyone who feels like they’ve hit a wall or are doing more to achieve others’ goals than their own. It’s resonated in my life and many of my friends and family’s. Super excited about this podcast!

AviGandhi / 2020-05-15

You’ve got to listen to these!!

Fantastic conversations! Absolutely brilliant! ❤️❤️❤️

lizzy chivers / 2020-05-15


Thanks Greg for creating very interesting thing! I adore listening the podcast.

igor.bomz / 2020-07-06


This podcast is great 👍. Keep going!

LauraChamonix / 2020-07-24

Go woke go broke

It was published before everyone went woke, and it’s excellent. This podcast, however, not so much. Same predictable guests saying the same predictable things. A shame really as the book changed my life.

Rrtuuyt / 2020-07-21

Design not default

Way before I discovered life design I discovered Essentialism and it has informed my work and home life. Can’t wait for regular top-ups from the new podcast!

Hazza Age 7 / 2020-05-22

Life changing

I listened to Greg’s book over and over and over and it became a core part of my outlook on life. So, I can’t wait for the podcast!

Scott Gould / 2020-05-21

Spot on

Every podcast episode I’d listened to was inspiring and to the point. It motivated me to look at things I’m doing differently and reinvent my relationship with doing and busyness. I love the idea of doing less but better. Looking forward to every new episode

Amazinglifeforever / 2020-07-22

Very boring and bad sound quality

I have tried to listen to an episode with David Allen. It was a very random and unstructured conversation where I could not get anything valuable out of it. The sound quality was not good either.

podcast_lover_2020 / 2020-07-28

Empowered and encouraged

I feel empowered and encouraged after each episode.

Marvinwaldner / 2020-07-14

Greg delivers!

Time well spent! Solid great stuff!

Kris Ward 2016 / 2020-07-01


The book shifted my experience...looking forward to what the podcast has in store

Paul Maccormack / 2020-05-21

This podcast is an essential must subscribe

Finally! Greg has launched a show to address the subject that will make our lives easier, less stressed, and more fulfilling. If you live your life with the essentials that make your life grand, your live will be amazingly better than it is now. This show will show you how to do this.

Michael Levitt / 2020-05-17

Essentialism is for everyone

UPDATE: I’ve been listening for a few weeks now and am enjoying it. I don’t know every guest, but I do appreciate how he will talk to both “normal” people and the rich and famous. Still 5 stars! Greg McKeown’s philosophy is necessary for anyone who feels like they’ve hit a wall or are doing more to achieve others’ goals than their own. It’s resonated in my life and many of my friends and family’s. Super excited about this podcast!

AviGandhi / 2020-08-03

Game changer

Think the world of Greg. His book Essentialism is a game changer and I’m so pumped he’s doing this podcast!

evangelistmatt / 2020-08-06

Great podcast

Essentialism is dynamic and evolving. The interviews aren’t the standard tell me about your book. Authors and others alike the interviews are great. The interview with BJ Bogg magnificently brought out the best aspects of both author’s books and how Tiny Habits and Essentialism can weave together. Kudos to BJ for his authenticity during this podcast to help others.

Olivia Jenks / 2020-08-09


Greg is one of the truly brilliant minds of our time. If the world could collectively apply this guidance I’m convinced we would increase both productivity and life fulfillment, the holy grail of mortality.

andybcs / 2020-08-15


I love Greg McKeown’s perspectives and strategies for living an essentialist life, the podcast complements his book so well. Really interesting conversations and interventions, particularly enjoyed the BJ Fogg episode - two titans in the minimalist life design sphere go head to head. Thank you for your work and podcast, inspiring and refocusing.

ZZNoise / 2020-08-19

Amazing content

Thanks Greg for the amazing value

Mateo Melgar / 2020-08-23

Thank you Greg, I really appreciate your work 🙏

This podcast is a fascinating further exploration of the philosophy layered over the guests lives. I’m thoroughly enjoying!

Finn505fggjjj / 2020-08-23

Invest Your Time...Listen to Greg!

Greg McKeown is one of the best interviewers I’ve ever listened to. He picks fascinating guests and asks peculiar, insightful questions that generate amazing discussions. You will enjoy!

Relish Rob / 2020-08-24

Wonderful intervention episodes

I really enjoy the intervention episodes. They really help me to think through my choices and get clarity in my own life.

Dfr1019 / 2020-08-24


Practical inspirational interviews with bright individuals. Greg is the ultimate communicator and has a unique ability to drive a very intelligent conversation with his guests .

NO MBA / 2020-08-30

Generalized with Specifics

Greg McKeown does what few experts have the courage and compassion to do: he teaches his essential general principles by doing specific “interventions.” The messy intersection of real life and first principles reveals true value.

HEBud1957 / 2020-09-07

Life changer

Simply the most interesting, informative and actionable discussions available in podcast form.

jf4lc0n / 2020-09-16

Essentialism for the family

These podcast have been great for creating family discussions, thank you Greg and all of your guests.

DrDanGG / 2020-09-17

Learning so much !

Especially the Essential Interventions are helping me a lot putting Essentialism into practice.

luaö / 2020-09-19

The Best

Essentialism is applicable to every aspect of life whether it be work, family, social, or yourself. It’s a mindset that needs to be shared with everyone and this podcast covers all the areas!

PSD9283 / 2020-09-21

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