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160: It’s Not Too Late
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Ratings & Reviews

Episode 151

I saved this episode to listen to again and again. I shared with my family. I learn so much from this podcast and Mr. McKeown’s personal story. The thought change from hard things happening for me instead of to me takes so much burden off of life. Helps me be curious and look at what I can learn and grow from my experiences.

jhall24678 / 2023-01-24

Helps Refine What’s Important, Wish There Was an Ad Free Version

Greg McKeown has an uncanny ability to ask questions that help you refine what is important. I do feel like a lot of people would be willing to pay for an ad-free version, to eliminate the nonessential. There seem to be a lot of ads, at least on some episodes.

jmvideos / 2023-01-23

Ep 163- what will get you there

It was great to hear about how skills that got you to where you are in your mid 30’s to 40’s often won’t get you beyond that. It’s said that what got you here won’t get you there but these guys articulated it better than I’ve ever heard, which gives me way better food for thought.

vladsbff / 2023-01-19

#151 A radical idea

Greg’s opening story is one that is hard to forget and is one that most people can identify with. The pain of a sick child where there seems to be little hope of a successful diagnosis or treatment. The fact that Greg and Anna could find a way to practise what he calls radical gratitude is powerful and challenges all of us that we should be able to do this too. I want to be the person that can change a negative into a positive. I have listened to this episode several times and each time I get something new out of it. Writing this review is a way for me to remember to start that sentence: I am grateful for X because… rather than complaining or despairing. Thank you Greg for your wisdom!

Nan Brad / 2023-01-04

So many lightbulb moments

Greg has a way of making me look at things in a different way, that results in a rethinking of how I’ve always done things. The perfect show at the perfect time in my life.

ras68 / 2022-12-23

Great insight as always!

Thanks for the insights you continue to bring. I love your polls on LinkedIn as well. I’m a Robert Greene fan so episode 157 was a double joy, and something I will practice and be more mindful of from now on. I’ll show up, and watch the people I interact with, (really) show up too :). Thanks again!

Ola-B. / 2022-12-23

157 what a fascinating topic

A great lead in story and fascinating follow up to a foundational psychology approach. Thanks for making this so easy to approach.

ZMAB15.1 / 2022-12-20

So relevant in today’s business scene

Every episode gives ideas for improvement in life, work and family.

becconcoby / 2022-12-13

@the ❤️ of Issues

Greg has the ability to find the details at the heart of issues and tough problems and literally have a conversation with me. They’re nearly all magical podcasts but especially the ones crushing your former ideas on how to be great!

21st Century COL / 2022-12-09

Great morning listen

Useful concepts easy to apply in everyday life.

EarningsBarrage / 2022-12-07

Practical applications

I look forward to hearing from Greg and his guests. I particularly liked the episode on using one key phrase for psychological safety. Each show has something you can take away and apply in your day. I thoroughly recommend this podcas- especially when you’re on a pathway to seeking an essential and effortless life. Thanks Greg and guests.

TheNZlife / 2022-12-01

He really, really cares. Therefore he listens and builds us!

Rare in our life do we have a friend or relative do curious about us that they seemingly devote their life to getting the best out of us. It feels like that when you listen to this or any episode of Greg’s He cares so much, he listens. It’s probably he quest to get the most out of his own life that creates all this curiosity. I’ll take it. I want it too. Don’t we all?

Ken Silvestri / 2022-12-01

Manageable chunks of brain stretches

I love Greg Mckeown’s book, Essentialism, because it introduced to me a different way of seeing and being in life. This podcast does the same - shows me alternative approaches to difficult times. It feels like a hearty conversation with a wise friend.

Emfull83 / 2022-11-28

Gratitude for “How to Be Okay When You’re Not Okay”

Life is hard for so many right now and in so many ways. This was an incredible reminder of how important perspective and gratitude are when we face difficult times in life. Lately it’s seemed like a lot of hard things all hitting at once, and I really appreciated this episode and the focus on how gratitude can shift perspective and mindset into a healthier, more productive place to tackle life’s challenges. Thank you Greg, your wisdom is always timely and spoken in a way that resonates with me.

Meg B... / 2022-11-25

Come What May … Where I am at now

Thank you Greg and Anna for taking us on this journey with you. At age 65, I am in the midst of a transition myself of my own choosing and am still in process of discerning where this journey will lead. It is so encouraging to hear how you are navigating this transition together. My wife and I are navigating ours together also and I do not know how I would do it without her. Anyway, thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement. I pray that your move to England and all that will be involved will draw you closer to each other and will be a step that when you look back will be clearly the right one to have taken!

Grease Gun Pete / 2022-11-24

Excellent podcast on personal and professional growth

I just finished ep 151, “how to be okay when you’re not okay.” A good reminder to remember good things when you feel surrounded by bad - not by unhealthily ignoring the bad, but by holding both at the same time. I also really enjoyed the two-parter with Bill George (eps 141

_AmeeDub / 2022-11-24

151. How To Be Okay When You’re Not Okay

Simply WOW! Today Greg McKeown significantly moved the needle on my gratitude meter! Greg’s eye-opening, thought-provoking new take on gratitude has elevated my thought process and perspective on gratitude to an all new height. Just when I thought I had a handle on gratitude, Greg raises the lantern and guides me to new, higher ground and shows me there is so much more to appreciate than just the good things I’ve been blessed with. Then he raised the bar on my expectations of gratitude, and showed me how gratitude in action elevates me to my highest self and helps me become all that I am capable of becoming. Thank you Greg, for the lesson, the keen insight and the divine perspective. For you, and this challenge I will always be most grateful. J. Kent Erickson

Apiring Essesntialists / 2022-11-24

Great podcast for the morning commute!

One of my very few “must listen” podcasts that I look forward to each week with thought-provoking questions, engaging interviews, and easy to action guidance. Great companion to a coffee on the Friday commute.

Colm-R / 2022-11-24

The Greg McKeown Podcast

I frequently find some helpful advice. I can take into my life and into my business. Thanks for doing these!

BayPT / 2022-11-23

So happy that this podcast is in my life

Was listening to Greg’s podcast this morning and was struck by how LUCKY I feel to have this mans insightful and optimistic wisdom in my life. Having listened for a few years, I initially picked it up expecting the expertise to help me get more done and be more effective in my self employment, but the advice improves my wellbeing and relationships across all areas of my life. The last two episodes from this show have reminded me what a really great podcaster he is. One episode I was listening to Greg repeatedly (and politely) press the interviewee over and over to clearly explain what he meant so that he could be sure the concept was being understood by the listener. In that moment I felt really advocated for as a follower and learner, he’s got the listeners interests front and centre. Then today the show about the moments at the airport made me feel so energised and inspired, as if absolutely anything is possible in life with the right mindset, it was a gift of an episode! Greg isn’t just sharing what he knows, he’s actively out in the field researching, studying … doing a phd about the subject at this very moment I think… and at the fore-front of activity relating to how brains work and how they can (or can’t) motivate us. It’s ‘limitless’ in a podcast 😆 from someone who is passionate about the topic and concerned with getting it to as many people as possible. Would highly recommend and should have reviewed much sooner.

Margate girl / 2022-11-23

Thought-provoking content that always seems to be right on time

Been listening to Greg’s podcast for several months, and I find each episode to be so relevant and helpful in a current struggle in my life. He has a gauge for what people are dealing with, and does a great job speaking to those challenges in a way that really gets you thinking. An excellent podcast all around!

Scott Harkins-Bradley / 2022-11-22

Great insights in the podcast.

A Lot of value in The Greg Mckeown Podcast. I just listen “The #1 way to remove resistance in your day”, and there are a lot of food for thought.

AAMM33 / 2022-11-22

Episode 147: Motivating

Motivating and inspiring, great to listen during running. In this episode Alex Burak shares results from his teaching about „getting rejected“. It’s great to listen to his funny stories. On the same time its a great inspiration to try that out myself. Quite mind-opening to do go for „asymmetic bets“. Well spend half an hour.

PodcastOnTheRun / 2022-11-22

Life changing!

When I say that what Greg teaches in this podcast has the power to change the world, I’m not exaggerating. However, more powerful than thar, I believe, is the power it has to change my life, a single life, perhaps even your life. His stories and principles from his most recent episode, The #1 Way To Remove Resistance in Your Day, are so relatable. We’ve all been in one of those scenarios, whether we play the central role or we watch it play out in those around us. Greg poses a simple solution…empathy and teamwork, for achieving our goals in high stress scenarios.

Jeri Lin / 2022-11-22

The #1 to Remove Resistance in Your Day

The #1 to Remove Resistance in Your Day. Listening to the episode is truly inspiring. “Impossible is a challenge” right now I am in the process in being redundant. A dark time for anyone. Greg lifted my spirits on what can be done. For me the importance of understanding how someone else thinks. This sounds simple but often is not. One must listen to understand and respectively challenge their position. The takeaway for me is and an idea Greg continually promotes, is truly understand the other person, their desires, their motivations and what will help them to take action.

PeteWoods82 / 2022-11-22

#149 Transformational!

Greg, your voice with Matthew in #149 revealed articulate and authentic transformational insights that have profoundly impacted my life as an ambitious professional, mother and person of faith. Listening to divine guidance- with meaningful results! Yes, please keep illustrating the power of discernment and prudence. Thank you - this was the best podcast you’ve hosted yet! With great respect, Jenna and George in Kansas

Rockin Professor / 2022-11-20

Life changing advice

If I could only pick one show to listen to, this would be the one I would keep on my subscription list (and I listen to dozens of great ones). Today’s episode 147, “the changemaker mindset with Alex Budak” was in particular one that moved me to write a review. I find myself limiting my growth and potential through my perfectionism, a.k.a. fear of failure. This episode dove deep into taking the fear out of taking action. I have several items on my to do list that I’ve added since listening to this show that I potentially would’ve avoided doing as long as possible or potentially, forever due to my fear of failure. I’m excited to start taking more risks! Thank you Greg, and Alex!

cinzersass / 2022-11-10

Highly recommended

Daily actionable guidance. Guest are diverse and relatable with amazing stories. Helps shape a better day every Tuesday and Thursday 🙏

Lgrubaugh / 2022-11-10

135: really interesting and inspiring episode

I read several years ago the “7 Habits” Stephen Covey book with big enthusiasm, but only now I discovered this “Live life in crescendo” written with his daughter Cynthia. This podcast was really interesting and inspiring: in particular I really appreciated the part where you talked about changing the paradigm from “this happened to me” to “this happened for me”. I recently had a big issue in my life, and I noted that I was able to learn from that only when I implicitly embraced this change of paradigm. Thank you.

Nick198419841984 / 2022-11-09

140: the 3 step procedure sounds promising

I want to apply this 3 step procedure for psychological safety in one specific area of my life. Let’s see if it will improve my relationship. Brilliant idea, thanks!

Nick198419841984 / 2022-11-05

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