1 Big Idea to Think About

  • Every new journey requires courage. And while finding that courage is often uncomfortable, it is only through the journey that we find our best selves and reach our highest point of contribution.

2 Ways You Can Apply This

  • Look back at the obstacles you have overcome. Ask yourself how overcoming these obstacles helped you get to where you are now.
  • Look forward to the obstacles you now face. Ask yourself how overcoming these obstacles will help you achieve your next goal.

3 Questions to Ask

  • Is there a new journey I am being called to take?
  • Why is that journey important?
  • What obstacles will I have to overcome to achieve my purpose?

Key Moments from the Show 

  • What Greg has been thinking about for you (1:31)
  • Listeners share what the What’s Essential podcast has meant to them (3:40)
  • Come what may and love it (7:35)
  • Finding purpose in suffering (13:53)
  • What’s next? How the What’s Essential podcast is changing (19:31)
  • A conversation with Jimmy Carter (25:03)
  • Finding the courage to go on a new journey (27:33)

Links You’ll Love From the Episode

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

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