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The Steve Harvey Show + Essentialism

Dear Friends, A few weeks ago Steve Harvey, the celebrated TV host and comedian, read Essentialism and said that it changed his life! This led to an appearance on his show that will air this Thursday. I hope you will watch the [...]


EntreLeadership Podcast

Greg was a guest on the EntreLeadership Podcast on August 14th. Listen to the episode via iTunes Podcast by clicking here: or you can visit the EntreLeadership page here: If you find yourself stretched too thin, losing momentum, [...]

TheGuardian article “Life, like the election, is about trade-offs. You can’t have, or do, it all”

Greg was featured in TheGuardian article by Oliver Burkeman titled “Life, like the election, is about trade-offs. You can’t have, or do, it all”. You can read the full post by going here: Quoted article below: The [...]

A Conversation on Thrive with Arianna Huffington
Google Hangout on “Thrive” with Arianna Huffington

On Tuesday, March 17, Greg spoke to Arianna Huffington about her bestselling book, Thrive, during a live Google Hangout on Air. A big thanks to all those that participated in this exclusive event to have the opportunity to ask Arianna [...]

“This is Your Life” Podcast

Greg was a guest on the Podcast “This is Your Life” with Michael Hyatt hosted by Michele Cushatt. You can listen to them on Episode 12 during Season 3. The podcast discusses different topics related to personal [...]

Dallas Morning News Article

Article by Cheryl Hall on the Dallas Morning News titled “To get the most out of life, do less, author urges” featuring Greg McKeown. You can read the full article by going here: A few years ago, Greg [...]