The Tim Ferriss Show: How to Master Essentialism

Listen to the latest episode of The Tim Ferriss Show where he invited Greg McKeown to discuss “How to Master Essentialism”. You can visit the episode page by going here: or listen to the full episode below.

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3 thoughts on “The Tim Ferriss Show: How to Master Essentialism

  1. Maxim Dsouza says:

    Having read your book on Essentialism and the mindset of not doing it all, this comes as a great add on. I have followed both Tim and you for your books and it was great to have you both together.

  2. Russ Gordon says:

    Thanks for sharing this! The first thing I thought of when reading Essentialism was bouncing highlights of it off of highlights of 4 Hour Work Week.

  3. Rachel Lovelace says:

    Excellent podcast! The book you’re referring to around 58:00 is “Boundaries” by Townsend and Cloud. I remember reading that story. It’s so good.